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When living in the Netherlands there might be a time when you wish or need to buy a house.

Buying a house in the Netherlands, like anywhere, involve rules and regulations on whether you’re eligible to buy a house and on how to get a mortgage. Many factors apply when looking for a place of your own and finding the proper funding. Such as origin, residence status, but also on how you can loan money and how much you are allowed to loan. Ditters is keen on being your guide in this quest. We are dedicated to finding the best solution to your wishes.

With Ditters you get:

  • Specific advice on your financial situation;
  • Specific advice on financial services to go with your mortgage, such as insurance and banking;
  • The best rates for mortgages and financial products;
  • Guidance on finding the most suitable properties;
  • Guaranteed to be wowed by your new house.


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